The performance of our heat pipes

The function of the heat pipe in the vacuum tube is to quickly dissipate heat. Therefore, the heat pipe capacity must be greater than the maximum output of the vacuum pipe to avoid bottlenecks in the heat transfer chain. The average heat transfer capacity of our heat pipes is> 110 watts. The maximum heat output of our vacuum tube is about 65 watts.

Our heat pipes also have a large head, which provides enough surface area for optimal heat transfer.



Material quality and cleanliness are extremely important for creating high-quality heat pipes. The purity of copper itself must also be very high, containing only traces of oxygen and other impurities. If there are too many impurities in the copper, they will seep into the vacuum over time, forming a bag of air on the top of the heat pipe. This has the effect of moving the hottest spot of the heat pipe downward from the bulb where heat transfer is required.

Our heat pipe adopts patented design for antifreeze protection, so it has good performance and long service life.