The advantage of our heat pipe solar collector

high performance
The heat transfer method adopted by our solar heat pipes is different from traditional copper water heat pipes. The heat transfer capacity of a single heat transfer tube is not limited, which can meet the large heat transfer requirements of solar collectors.

The internal pressure of our solar heat pipe is positive pressure (that is, higher than atmospheric pressure), there is no life problem caused by the reduction of vacuum degree, and the effective life of the product is more than 15 years.

Intelligent temperature control
The traditional gravity solar heat pipe has no temperature control mechanism and cannot solve the overheating problem of the system at the engineering application level.
Therefore, in actual engineering applications, when the heat is too much, the pressure can only be released through the pressure relief valve, or the heat collection area can be artificially reduced by covering.

Our solar heat pipe has intelligent temperature control function. The maximum temperature of hot water in the solar system tank can be controlled at 80°C.

No installation angle limit
Our heat pipe solar collectors do not have any restrictions on the installation angle. The angle of the heat pipe is between 0°-180°, and conduction can be carried out without obstacles. The collector can be installed vertically and horizontally, and can replace U-tube collectors and horizontal heat pipe collectors.

U Pipe solar collector