Product name: Pharmaceutical Vial & Ampoules
Model: 7.0 Glass Tubing & 5.0 Glass Tubing
Material:Borosilicate Glass Tube 7.0/5.0
Guarantee Period: 1 years
Application:Vial & Ampoules

Shandong Zentek Energy and Technology Co.,ltd (Owned by CSP) is the leading company for 5.0 and 7.0 neutral glass package manufacturer and supplier over 10 years in China.

Right now we have over 20000 tons production of neutral glass tube,ampoule,vial according to ISO standard .
With the consistent development of our technology, we are able to meet your requirements on high quality standard, the excellence of our company are a flexible production ,short delivery time, exemplary service, competitive relations between quality and price .

Our products are widely export to USA, Europe, Russia, India, Vietnam,Latin America and so on, your demand and satisfaction are the benchmark for our efforts.