1. Open the inlet of solar water heater and inject the descaling solution. The amount injected depends on the capacity of solar water heater.
2. Turn on the solar water heater and leave it running for 30 minutes so that the solution could evenly penetrate into every inch of the tank.
3. Open the drain hole of the solar water heater to discharge the solution. Feed clean water, after water heater automatically circulates once, discharge the dirty water .
4. Take the solar vacuum tubes off the solar water heater and pour the scales out. Inject some descaling solution into the tubes and circulate several times until the tubes are clear of scales. Watch out the tip of tubes during the process.
5. Reinstall the solar vacuum tubes, turn on the solar water heater and clean it again and again until the water flows out are clear.
The solar water heater should be cleaned every 2-3 years. Damages will be caused to inner tanks if cleaning too frequently.