Solar Water Heater

Solar water heater is now widely used in our family life, we can go to the public bath without having to bother, just open the residential solar water heater switch at home and fill it with water, you can use it at home. But more people may have questions, can the solar solar heater work in the evening? This article will solve this problem for you.

Working principle

Solar energy first absorbs heat. The special solar water heater absorbs solar radiation through a special coating on the surface of the collector, and blocks the long-wave emission of radiant heat, and then absorbs the sun in the vacuum collector. The conversion of radiation into heat allows the cold water to warm up.

Next is the circulation of water. The use of cold water is more dense than hot water, cold and submerged,and the rise of hot water. Cold water is formed in the vacuum tube from top to bottom, and the hot water flows from bottom to top. The water temperature in the entire water tank is gradually increased to reach a certain temperature.

At the same time, the solar water heater must ensure the effect of heat preservation. The hot water is insulated by the outer tank of the insulated water tank, the polyurethane foam layer and the stainless steel inner tank. It is convenient to use hot water at night.

Endothermic process

When the vacuum tube type water heater absorbs heat, the solar radiation passes through the outer tube of the vacuum tube, is absorbed by the collector coating film, and is transferred to the water inside the tube along the inner tube wall. After the water in the tube absorbs heat, the temperature rises, the specific gravity decreases and rises, forming an upward power, forming a thermosyphon system. As the hot water continues to move up and is stored in the upper part of the water storage tank, while the lower temperature water is continuously replenished along the other side of the tube, the whole tank water is raised to a certain temperature.

Usage time

Is the solar water heater working at night? The answer is yes. People who use the solar water heater generally go to the water immediately after use at night. After a day of exposure and heat absorption, the hot water can be used the next night.

However, although the solar water heater can work. It is not possible to carry out the endothermic process at night. The above article also mentions that the collector works by absorbing the sun’s radiation, but at night there is no sunlight and sunlight. The radiation also becomes very weak, so the collector does not substantially absorb heat.

If you want to let the solar water heater work in the evening to turn cold water into hot water, it may not work. But if your collector has been working during the day, then the evening solar water heater can work normally for you to use. Hot water to take a shower or other activities.


Whether it is day or night, the water heaters can work, although they can be responsible for different responsibilities, but generally do not affect our use in life, as long as you will use and follow the instructions for use will not have problem.