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The introduction of magnesium anodes

Magnesium anodes are widely used for house heaters, heat plumbing, gas stations, etc. Magnesium anodes protect life of those appliances and equipment with low cost too. Sizes Now we have extruded Mg anode and Al anode mould diameter Φ26.7mm, Φ22mm, Φ21.3mm, Φ20mm, Φ19.05mm, Φ18mm, inner core is Φ3.4mm We also take orders per drawings provided […]

The introduction of silicon ring

Silicone rings Features: 1.widely use on solar water heater system or solar collector. 2.size:58mm,47mm 3.different color available:nature,red,green and so on. 4.good performance on waterproof Application: 1.Silicone ring is used between the inner tank and the vacuum tube to prevent water leaking from the tank and prevent the dust in the air breaks into the tank […]

The advantage of heat pipe solar collector

The advantage of heat pipe solar collector 1. The heat pipe in the heat pipe heat collector transfers the heat to the water in the heat pipe through the heat conduction block (casing) firmly connected to the condensing part. The liquid working fluid in the heat pipe is not connected to the water in the […]

How to clean the solar water heater

The solar water heaters are becoming common in our daily life, how to clean the solar water heater is the matter what we must consider now. After long time using of solar water heater, you will find the flow of cold water is normal, while the yield of hot water is small. This problem is […]

Heat pipe solar vacuum tubes

The solar heat pipe is the core of the three-energy heat collector and is responsible for absorb sunlight and convert it into usable heat. In the three-energy heat pipe solar collector,they are used to transfer heat from the vacuum tube to the header, that is packed in an insulated manifold box.   Characteristics of CSP […]

Why heat pipe solar water heaters is more important?

With the development of the society,more and more people choose to install heat pipe solar water heaters instead of traditional electric water heaters. Why are heat pipe solar water heaters getting so popular? The advantages of heat pipe solar water heaters 1.Helping to cope with climate change.Switching to heat pipe solar hot water is a […]

Working principle of solar water heater

Solar water heater converts solar energy into heat energy, heating water from low temperature to high temperature, so as to satisfy people’s use of hot water in life and production. The solar water heater is divided into vacuum tube solar water heater and flat panel solar water heater according to its structure. At present, the […]

The working principle of U pipe solar collector

The principle of the U-tube solar collector is that solar radiation passes through the glass shell of the vacuum tube and is projected onto the inner glass tube, and the glass inner tube is in close contact with the aluminum fins. The heat absorbed by the vacuum tube is transferred to the U-shaped copper tube […]

The intoduction of U pipe solar collector

U pipe solar collector is a new type of solar energy products. The collector is separated from the water tank. The heat transfer medium in the U pipe converts solar radiation energy into heat energy and transmits it to the water tank through the heat exchanger. U pipe solar collectors can use series and parallel […]

Application of the solar water heater

The solar water heaters are usually used to three areas: residential, commercial and industrial occasions. In different fields, you should choose the sutiable solar water heater. When choose residential solar water heater, you should determine the capacity according to your family members. When buying commercial or industrial solar water heater, you should choose those with […]